Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd.


What We Do

Tidewater's vision is to be a North American leader in delivering midstream energy solutions. In support of this vision, Tidewater maintains a consistent commitment to its strategy of delivering steady value growth built around sustainable, competitive energy facilities. As part of this strategy, Tidewater:


·         focuses on operational safety;

·         selectively pursues acquisitions;

·         builds on the interconnectivity of its infrastructure and its integrated business model;

·         strives to provide reliable midstream services at a competitive price;

·         pursues opportunities to increase throughput at its existing facilities;

·         invests in expansion and optimization opportunities to meet its customer needs and complement its service offerings; and

·         maintains a conservative capital structure.

Since its initial public offering in April 2015, Tidewater has been focused on selective acquisitions, organic growth projects and optimization of operations at its facilities. While pursuing this program, Tidewater maintains its conservative financial structure as well as a quarterly dividend. In this time, Tidewater also increased its Credit Facility, completed three equity offerings and the private placement of senior unsecured debt.

In selecting which capital projects and acquisitions to pursue, Tidewater pays close attention to both the macro trends that affect its business, as well as the particular needs of customers and potential customers.


Tidewater is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and was incorporated on February 4, 2015.  The company trades under the symbol TWM on the TSX.