Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission is: Tidewater's creative, entrepreneurial and fast-moving team will deliver higher netbacks to its valued customers as a result of unparalleled service and operational excellence. We will be widely respected for our reliability, flexibility and sustainable asset development. Our high achieving people, strong culture, commitment to safe and ethical operations, and focus on environmental, social and governance standards will guide our performance. Through these means we will deliver to our shareholders industry leading returns on investment

Our Vision is to be a people focused, growth oriented, high return midstream and infrastructure organization, offering customers and shareholders maximum value by leveraging our strengths of creativity, speed-to-market, integrity and execution.

Our Values Define Our Culture

The Mission and Vision are an expression of Tidewater's strategic intent. Our Values reflect how we do our work and develop relationships both in the company and externally, and are reflected in the figure:

Safety: We are committed to the highest level of safety for our staff, contractors, customers and communities.

Integrity: All Tidewater staff uphold the highest standards of integrity through our actions.

Respect: We highly respect our people, encourage personal development and reward performance.

Accountability: We exhibit a strong sense of ownership and a will to succeed and are personally accountable to deliver on our commitments to customers, shareholders and staff.

Customer Service: We provide second to none service, build and maintain relationships and provide creative solutions that make a positive impact on our customers' bottom line.

Teamwork: We work hard to create a culture that traverses all boundaries to meet customer needs and help the company and our shareholders be successful.

Community: We are excellent stewards of the environment and we strongly support the communities in which we live and work.