Asset Integrity

Tidewater is committed to maintaining the integrity of all of its pipeline and facility assets. This commitment is integral to Tidewater's business strategy of operating safely and reliably and preserving the longevity of its assets. Tidewater's integrity management programs apply to pipelines and facility pressure equipment and are developed having regard for the applicable regulations and standards which govern the design and operation of these assets.

Through its employees and integrity management programs, Tidewater continuously strives to minimize the likelihood of incidents and operational downtime, while safeguarding employees, the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Tidewater's integrity management programs apply through the complete asset lifecycle from design through retirement. Each program is founded on a process involving identification of hazards that may impact long term integrity of the asset and assessment of risk, establishing plans and activities to mitigate that risk, application of the mitigation under the plan, monitoring the performance of the program and managing change.