Community Engagement

Tidewater adheres to the highest standard of ethics when it comes to health, safety, and the environment, and through this commitment we believe that the communities in which we live and operate should be impacted in a positive way. Our reputation as a respected and valued corporate citizen is paramount to us and we take extra steps to ensure our investments add value to the communities we love.

Tidewater works to provide sustainable economic opportunities and benefits to its customers, investors, and the communities where we operate. We want to ensure that society benefits from our operations through job creation, support to local suppliers, community investment, and more. We contribute to the local and national economies through taxes, job creation, the procurement of goods and services and community investment. We donate to initiatives in the areas of environment, safety and education. We also promote and participate in numerous initiatives.

We thank the communities we've had the privilege to work with over the years and look forward to continued partnerships toward building better communities together.

For more information on community development or for inquiries please Contact Us.