Tidewater recognizes and values the importance of responsible environmental stewardship and has made significant investments in infrastructure to improve efficiencies and enhance environmental performance. Tidewater's environmental programs focus on preventing environmental impacts and adopting appropriate remediation strategies when required. Tidewater is committed to conducting its business in a way that balances diverse stakeholder expectations, respects the environment and emphasizes the health and safety of its employees and communities.

Tidewater encourages its employees to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce fuel gas consumption and reduce emissions. Along with the ability to identify and implement projects that benefit both Tidewater's operations and the environment, Tidewater continues to enhance its design and approval process for the current expansion of its various facilities.

Tidewater is committed to developing and maintaining meaningful, long term relationships with its neighbours, the communities in which it operates and other stakeholders that may be affected by its operations. Tidewater has ongoing community relations and public consultation programs. These programs are intended to keep Tidewater's neighbours informed about its operations and to proactively identify and address any potential concerns.

Tidewater also recognizes that it constructs and operates facilities in areas where First Nations communities may be affected. In these circumstances, Tidewater's approach is to work together with the First Nations communities to proactively identify any potential impacts of its activities on the community in order to develop mutually acceptable solutions and benefits. Tidewater is guided by the following principles in its relationships with First Nations: respecting the diversity of First Nations cultures and seeking to understand the customs, values and traditions of First Nations peoples; being committed to honest, open, ongoing communication with First Nations communities affected by its operations and engaging in timely and meaningful consultation with these communities; and offering support for strategies intended to encourage development within First Nations communities, including training, employment, business development and community opportunities related to Tidewater's operational activities.